Squalien General
Ep get blake!
Background information
First episode "Get Shrunk! (debut)"
Latest episode "Got Blake! (possibly)"
Voice Kevin Glickman (English)
Sayed Elromy (Arabic)
Philippe Catoire (French)
Character information
Full name
Other names
Goal To capture Blake!
Relatives Jerome (nephew)
Maxus (nephew)
Allies Leonard(sometimes)
Squalien Princess (girlfriend)
Minions Maxus
Enemies Blake Myers
Mitch de la Cruz
Leonard (usually)
Maxus (sometimes)
Jerome (sometimes)
Likes Earth pizza
Dislikes Most of Leonard's plans
Using the sack to Get Blake!
Powers and abilities

The Squalien General is the Squaliens' commander who sent Leonard, Jerome and Maxus from the future to apprehend Blake. He is also the uncle of Jerome and Maxus which can assume is why he doesn't treat Leonard with much respect unlike them.

Appearance Edit

The Squalien General is a brown Squalien who wears a green shirt, has brown hair which is actually a helmet and a brown tail.

Appearances Edit

The Squalien General appears in all of the episodes except Get Tough!, Get Dreamin'!, Get Treasure!, Get Weather!, Get Non-Existent!, Get Mommy!, Get Piratical!, Get Western! and Get Medieval!.

Trivia Edit

  • In Antoine Guilbaud's Blogspot, the Squalien General's character design looks much different from the one on the show.
  • A full look of his body can be seen in Get Pizza! and Got Blake! (Not including Get Surrendered! as his full body is just a hologram.)

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