Background information
First episode "Get Shrunk! (debut)"
Latest episode "Got Blake!"
Voice Kevin Glickman (English)
Jeremy Prévost (French)
Shihab Ibrahim (Arabic)
Johannes Semm (German)
Thodoris Smeros (Greek)
Character information
Full name
Other names Leonard the Great
Goal To capture Blake!
To impress the general
Relatives Leonard's Mom (mother)
Allies Maxus (sometimes)
Jerome (sometimes)
Squalien General (sometimes)
Enemies Blake Myers
Mitch de la Cruz
Maxus (sometimes)
Jerome (sometimes)
Squalien General (sometimes)
Likes Using the sack to get Blake!
Making the general like his plans.
Earth pizza
Dislikes Fun montages
Being jealous of the Squalien General, Maxus and Jerome
Using the other Squaliens plans
Powers and abilities

Leonard is the genius and self-appointed leader of the Squalien trio. He is voiced by Kevin Glickman.

Appearance Edit

Leonard is a tall yellow Squalien with black glasses and an orange tail.

Ripper roo

Appearances Edit

Leonard appears in all of the episodes of the show along with Blake, Mitch, and the other Squaliens.

Relationships Edit

Blake Myers Edit

Leonard really wants to attack Blake. He also hates Blake's skills to protect the Earth. Leonard's plans just fail every time when he was beaten by Blake.

Mitch de la Cruz Edit

Leonard really doesn't want to be beaten by Blake's sidekick, Mitch.

Jerome Edit

Leonard sometimes hate Jerome when he interrupts his plan. However, Leonard really hated him when he wants a turn to attack Blake and Mitch.

Maxus Edit

Leonard really don't like the unusual ideas or plans of Maxus to capture Blake.

Squalien General Edit

Leonard really wants to be impressed by the Squalien General because of his genius plans to capture Blake.

Trivia Edit

  • Out of all the title cards in Get Blake!, he appears the most.
  • He is the only Squalien who is not the Squalien General's nephew which makes Leonard jealous of both Maxus and Jerome.
  • In Get Fishin'!, it is confirmed that he is good at singing.
  • In Get Hurtin'!, Leonard's left ear is the most ticklish out of his body.
  • In Get Hurtin'!, he is allergic to wool.
  • In Get Surprised!, he is allergic to bagel.
  • In Get Late!, it is revealed that Maxus finds out with the Squalien General that Leonard knows Latino & Spanish.