Background information
First episode "Get Shrunk! (debut)"
Latest episode "Got Blake! (possibly)"
Voice Danny Katiana (English))
Emmanuel Garijo (French)
Character information
Full name
Other names
Goal To capture Blake!
Relatives Maxus' and Jerome's Mother (mother)
Squalien General (uncle)
Maxus (brother)
Grandma Maxi (grandmother)
Allies Maxus (sometimes)
Leonard (sometimes)
Enemies Blake Myers
Mitch de la Cruz
Maxus (sometimes)
Leonard (sometimes)
Fast Eddy
Likes Earth pizza
Powers and abilities

Jerome is the large and slow-witted Squalien who is voiced by Danny Katiana. He is also one of the Squalien General's nephew along with Maxus.

Appearance Edit

Jerome is a fat, orange Squalien with a black nose and a red tongue.

Appearances Edit

Maxus appears in all of the episodes of the show along with Blake, Mitch, and the other Squaliens.

Relationships Edit

Blake Myers Edit

Jerome really hates Blake's parkour skills.

Mitch de la Cruz Edit

Jerome hates Mitch. He messed things up when he was along with Mitch saving Blake and Leonard from the Statue Collector in the episode Get Frozen!

Leonard Edit

Jerome sometimes hate Leonard when he really doesn't want to give Jerome a turn to capture Blake.

Maxus Edit

Jerome and Maxus are usually brothers in a Squalien family. They are trying to plan themselves to capture Blake instead of Leonard's.

Squalien General Edit

Jerome is second nephew of the Squalien General.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only Squalien to not invent an invention to Get Blake! so far although he made the idea of turning Blake to an elderly and that he controls Buddy and Dark Knight.
  • It is confirmed in Get Frozen! that the only thing he is good at is doing fun montages.
  • In Get Frozen!, it is confirmed that his weakness is tickling.

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