Here are the following rules on the wiki:

1. No trolling or harassing other users. Treat others with respect.

2. Do not edit milk or badge milk. This means do not make small edits to up your edit count or acquire badges.

3. Do not spam, vandalize, or blank pages on the wiki.

4. Do not advertise. This includes advertising products, services and external websites.

5. Do not copy short summaries from Wikipedia or any other sites. Make your own synopsis instead.

6. Do not upload images that are NSFW. This includes nudity, images of a sexual nature, pornography and excessive gore.

7. Do not sockpuppet. This means do not create another account to bypass a block.

8. Do not copy short summaries for episodes in the Wikipedia page.

9. If an administrator or bureaucrat tells you to stop doing something please stop. Continuing to ignore warnings will result in a block.

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