These are all of the Get Blake! episodes in production order.

Season Episodes First aired Last aired
1 26 (50) April 20, 2016 TBA

List of Season 1 episodes Edit

Prod No. Title Written by Storyboarded by U.S. Original Airdate
1 Get Shrunk! Dani Vetere Christophe Ollivier-Noborio
2 Get Inked! Paul Grinberg Daniel Klein
3 Get Pizza! Derek Dressler Olivier Poirette May 4, 2016
4 Get Prehistoric! Eric Rivera Sandrine Sekulak May 4, 2016
5 Get Old! May Chan Christophe Ollivier-Noborio April 27, 2016
6 Get Frozen! May Chan Joan Gouviac April 27, 2016
7 Get Amnesia! Patrick Andrew O'Connor Pascal Ropars May 11, 2016
8 Get Fishin'! Patrick Andrew O'Connor Daniel Klein May 11, 2016
9 Get Dogged! Cindy Morrow Joan Gouviac April 20, 2016
10 Get Commercial! Eric Rivera Yves Bigerel April 20, 2016
11 Get Zombies! Brad Birch Daniel Klein November 6, 2016
12 Get Well! Patrick Andrew O'Connor Pascal Ropars November 6, 2016
13 Get Skye! Derek Dressler Pascal Ropars (Part 1)
Joan Gouviac (Part 2)
14 Get Sleep! May Chan Christophe Ollivier-Noborio November 20, 2016
15 Get Boots! Eric Rivera Jean Gouviac November 20, 2016
16 Get Elected! Eric Rivera Daniel Klein
17 Get Invisible! Sindy Spackman Christophe Ollivier-Noborio
18 Get Hairy! Patrick Andrew O'Connor Pascal Ropars May 18, 2016
19 Get Squirrels! Reid Harrison Pascal Ropars May 18, 2016
20 Get Toothy! Dave Lewman Joan Gouviac
21 Get Terrestrial! Eric Rivera Daniel Klein
22 Get Hurtin'! Patrick Andrew O'Connor John Gouviac
23 Get Peaceful! Patrick Andrew O'Connor Christophe Ollivier-Noborio
24 Get Spooked! Cindy Morrow Pascal Ropars
25 Get Surprised! Eric Rivera Daniel Klein
26 Get Wet! Patrick Andrew O'Connor Anthony Pascal
27 Get Sentient! Eric Rivera Olivier Derynck
28 Get Snatched! Chris Savino Christophe Ollivier-Noborio
29 Get Grounded! Eric Rivera Anthony Pascal
30 Get Blakes! May Chan Michel Rodrigues
31 Get Trapped! David Lewman Joan Gouviac
32 Get Dreamin'! Eric Rivera Olivier Derynck
33 Get Reception! Derek Dressler Ronan Le Brun
34 Get Surrendered! Derek Dressler Joan Gouviac May 25, 2016
35 Get Late! Eric Rivera Daniel Klein May 25, 2016
36 Get Morphed!
37 Get Tough!
38 Get Baking!
39 Get Stuck!
40 Get Treasure! David Lewman Ronan Le Brun
41 Get Weather! David Lewman Joan Gouviac
42 Get Weasel! Eric Rivera Kévin Audi-Grivetta
43 Get Non-Existent! David Lewman Richard Méril
44 Get Mommy! Derek Dressler Fabien Brandily
45 Get Cratered! Derek Dressler Yves Bigerel
46 Get Racing!
47 Get Piratical!
48 Get Western!
49 Get Medieval!
50 Got Blake!

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