Blake Myers
Blake Myers
Background information
First episode "Get Shrunk! (debut)"
Latest episode "Got Blake!"
Voice Robbie Daymond (English)
Julien Crampon (French)
Ziyad Sharif (Arabic)
Jesse Grimm (German)
Luis Leonardo Suárez (Latin America)
Nikos Papadopoulos (Greek)
Prokhor Chehovskoy (Russia)
Character information
Full name
Other names Walter McOld
Space Commander Cutzy Babybutt
Age 13
Occupation Human Astronaut
Goal To protect Earth
To be a space ranger
To win Skye's love
To defeat the evil Squaliens!
Relatives Dale Myers (father)
Darla Myers (mother)
Cave Blake (ancestor)
Pets Buddy Wuddy (formely)
Allies Mitch de la Cruz (best friend)
Skye Gunderson (love interest)
Fast Eddy
Rodrigo de la Cruz
Carmen de la Cruz
Dr. Björn Gunderson
Isabelle Gunderson
Enemies Maxus
Squalien General
Roy Cronk (usually)
Likes Fun montages
Nacho cheese (favorite food)
Fighting Squaliens
Dislikes Lava
Powers and abilities

Blake Myers is the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon animated comedy television series Get Blake! who is voiced by Robbie Daymond. He is a 13 year old boy who dreams one day of being a space ranger to protect the Earth from the evil Squaliens. He along with Mitch de la Cruz and the Squaliens appear in all episodes. He is very skilled at parkour.

Appearance Edit

Blake Myers is a 13 year old dude with blue hair that wears a red T-shirt and shoes and black pants. He's also got a long nose and his height is 3'ft.

Appearances Edit

Blake appears in all of the episodes of the show along with Mitch and the Squaliens.

Relationships Edit

Mitch de la Cruz Edit

Mitch is Blake's best friend. Apart of their friendship, Mitch also offers to Blake his assistance in order to defeat the Squaliens. They very good friend and they like to eat tacos together. In the episode Get Amnesia!, Mitch helps Blake to regain back his memories.

Skye Gunderson Edit

Skye is the love interest of Blake. His love for her isn't shown exactly but in the episode Get Skye! his interest for her is shown when Leonard traps Skye Gunderson, Blake tries to free her for every cost. In the same double-length episode, Skye kisses Blake in the mouth for a free taco in Valentine's Day. After the kiss, Blake freezes.

Leonard Edit

Blake hates Leonard in a similar way to the other Squaliens, but more because of his intelligence. He was very mad when he learnt that Leonard abducted Skye, his love interest, however Leonard's plan failed once more.


  • Perhaps, Leonard and Blake Myers will get married and their children will make peace between squaliens and people in the future.
  • When Get Blake! was originally called "Blake and the Aliens", Blake had a different color design along with Mitch and Skye. From orange hair to blue hair; from yellow t-shirt to red t-shirt; and he has no freckles now.
  • In Get Amnesia!, it is confirmed that Blake's favorite food and fruit is nacho cheese.
  • In Get Invisible!, it is revealed that Blake Myers is 3'0 making him short for a 12 years old.
  • In Get Dreamin'!, it is revealed that Blake hates lava.



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